Air France Results For December 2000

Air France posted good results for December 2000:

1. Passenger operations

* 17.7% increase in trafic in RPK (revenue passenger-km)
* 13.4% increase in capacity in ASK (available seat-km)
* load factor of 72.8%, up 2.7 points.

We remind you that December 1999 had been severely affected by the oil suppliers` strike, heavy storms at the end of the month and also by the changeover to the new Millennium.

** Long-haul flights


Traffic (up 20.3%) rose faster than capacity (up 15.2%). The load factor continued to improve across the network and reached 75.9%, up 3.2 points.
* North Atlantic routes showed very strong growth in traffic (up 31.7%) against a 24.8% increase in capacity. The load factor reached 69.0%, up 3.6 points.
* Traffic on Latin American routes rose 34.2% for a 29.1% rise in capacity. The load factor gained 3 points to reach 77.4%.
* In Asia, the load factor increased by 3.3 points to 77.9% with a 16.9% increase in traffic and a 12% increase in capacity.
* Traffic on the Caribbean and Indian Ocean network rose 16.4% against a 9.8% increase in capacity. The load factor went up 4.7 points to 81.6%.
* Capacity on Africa/Middle Eastern routes gained 3% and traffic 3.8%. The load factor improved by 0.6 points to 77.1%.
** International medium-haul flights

Air France posted a 15.6% increase in traffic, up 9.9%. The load factor rose 3.1 points to 62.3%.

** Domestic medium-haul flights

Traffic rose 2.9% on domestic routes for a 6.6% increase in capacity.
The load factor dropped 2.3 points to 65.8%.

2. Cargo operations
Contrary to the passenger sector, cargo operations benefitted from the Millennium effect back in December 1999. During December 2000, capacity increased by 0.4 % while traffic remained stable (up 0.1%). The load factor stabilized at 71.0%, up 0.2 points.
3. In conclusion, both passenger and cargo yields for December remained high.