European Airlines` June 2002 Traffic Results

June traffic figures for the members of the Association of European Airlines
maintained the trend which has persisted throughout the first part of the Summer,
of depressed traffic volumes following a reduction in capacity.
Passenger traffic on intra-European routes was 7.8% lower than in June 2001, on a
capacity decrease of 10.9%. Consequently, load factor rose 2.4 percentage points
to 70.9%, a historically high June figure.
On the main longhaul regions, the traffic trend more closely matched the capacity
development. On the North Atlantic, passenger-km were 18.6% lower than last
year (capacity minus 19.2%) and to the Far East, a traffic loss of 4.4% was
contained within a seat-km decrease of 4.9%.
For all scheduled operations, both traffic and capacity were 11.6% down on last
year, leaving load factor unchanged at 76.2%.
The airfreight market is showing rather more encouraging signs of recovery, and in
June the traffic volume was 2.1% higher than in the previous year. The increase
was essentially due to a rather healthy growth of 9.2% in traffic to and from the Far
East. The AEA’s other major freight market, the North Atlantic, remained
depressed at minus 3.8%.