Lufthansa Imposes Ticket Surcharge Of Eight US Dollars From 1 October

Further cuts in capacity - but all destinations in flight schedule still served
In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in the United States Lufthansa has incurred additional costs, some of which will have to be passed on to passengers.
As a result of the crisis, expenditure - for example, on security measures, insurance premiums and other fixed-cost items - has risen significantly throughout the airline industry. From October 1, until further notice, Lufthansa is therefore compelled to impose a ticket surcharge of eight US dollars per individual flight leg. In taking this action, Lufthansa is following the example set by many other international airlines. Tickets which have already been issued and paid for will not be affected. The surcharge will be shown on each ticket.
As previously announced, Lufthansa is scaling back its flight schedule in the wake of the terror attacks of 11 September. The airline will, however, continue to serve all its destinations worldwide. Only individual flights will be axed.

On the Frankfurt-Atlanta route, one flight pair (of a total of seven) per week will be cancelled. Two of a total of seven flight pairs will be withdrawn on each of the Frankfurt-Dallas, Frankfurt-Houston and Frankfurt-Philadelphia routes. On the Frankfurt-Phoenix and Munich-Los Angeles routes, Lufthansa is withdrawing four of a total of seven weekly flight pairs.

Lufthansa will also suspend a further service between Germany and New York. It has still to be decided whether the flight from Frankfurt, Munich or Düsseldorf will be cut. Lufthansa will still offer four flights a day to New York.
Due to these latest reductions in capacity, Lufthansa will take 28 aircraft out of service. Most of the cuts are on North Atlantic routes and are equivalent to a 20 per cent reduction in seating capacity.