Dr. Christoph Klingenberg Executive Vice President And General Representative Group Infrastructure

Lufthansa punctuality chief takes on strategic mandate
The Lufthansa Executive Board has appointed Dr. Christoph Klingenberg as the new Executive Vice President and General Representative Group Infrastructure.
Hitherto Senior Vice President Operational Excellence, Dr. Klingenberg (39) will take up his new post on January 1 2001. Lufthansa Chairman and CEO Jürgen Weber: “Major initiatives for resolving Europe`s air traffic control problems and expansion of air traffic infrastructure on the ground are strategic tasks of vital importance in the future for the entire Group. Dr. Klingenberg is ideally qualified for that remit.”
A new appointment to the post became necessary as the President and Chief Operating Officer of Lufthansa German Airlines, Dr. Karl-Friedrich Rausch, who was previously envisaged for the mandate, is leaving the Group on that date. The responsibilities of the future General Representative Group Infrastructure encompass such issues as airport expansion and the resolution of European air traffic problems.

Dr. Klingenberg joined Lufthansa in charge of corporate organisation in 1996. Between 1997 and 1999, he was Senior Vice President Corporate Development and Organisation. As Senior Vice President Operational Excellence, Dr. Klingenberg retains responsibility for the Lufthansa punctuality offensive, which will be integrated in his new function as General Representative Group Infrastructure. Under his leadership, the Operational Excellence project has improved the airline`s punctuality rating by ten percentage points in the space of a year.