The Lufthansa Technik XXL Class Becomes A Third Application

Completion of the Fairchild Dornier Envoy 7 to begin in 2003 Contract signed / Definition of worldwide servicing
Lufthansa Technik (LHT) is very pleased to add a new member to the family of business-aircraft types that it completes for private customers, governments, charter companies and internationally active corporations.
In addition to the Boeing 737 Business Jet and Airbus A319 Corporate Jetliner, starting in 2003 its XXL Class Executive Jet Product will also include Fairchild Dornier`s Envoy 7 business jet, which LHT will customize to each customer`s taste. A master contract to this effect was signed by the two companies on October 10th at this year`s National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) show in New Orleans.
For customers outside the U.S., Fairchild Dornier`s approval of LHT as a completion center covers customization of the Envoy 7 in Hamburg. In particular the existing LHT global network of customer-service and maintenance facilities benefits customers for the Envoy 7, which is based on the Fairchild Dornier 728 jetliner. It will carry as many as 18 passengers on nonstop flights of up to ca. 4,800 miles (7,700 km).
“After years of successful collaboration with Boeing and Airbus, our new approval by Fairchild Dornier as a completion provider makes us the leading center worldwide for completion of the cabins of business and large private aircraft,” noted Lufthansa Technik Executive Board Chairman Wolfgang Mayrhuber at the signing of the contract. “Our customers not only get an high-end completion of the Envoy 7 aircraft, but also benefit from the maintenance and service quality by Lufthansa Technik`s worldwide MRO network.”

“Corporate customers for the Envoy 7 have requirements in the outfitting and long-term support of their aircraft different from our airline customers, and this agreement ensures we meet those requirements,” said Chuck Pieper, Chairman of the Board of Fairchild Dornier. “It also signals a strengthening of our relationship with Lufthansa Technik, already supporting us through worldwide aircraft spare parts distribution.”

The cabin layout can be conform to the standard offered by Fairchild Dornier but also allows for flexible arrangements including separate conference areas, spacious sleeping quarters, standup showers and of course state-of-the-art communication facilities such as Live TV, satellite telephone, large size (42”) plasma screens following customer requirements. The LHT Defender System can provide additional protection for the aircraft, where needed.

Following delivery of the first Fairchild Dornier 728Jet to Lufthansa CityLine in June of 2003, the first Envoy 7 will be flown to Hamburg in August 2003 for completion, with ultimate delivery in early 2004. The second Envoy 7 will be arriving immediately thereafter and will be delivered later in 2004.

LHT and Fairchild Dornier are currently working out the specifications for a complete service package that will cover not only servicing of the new business jet at the time of its introduction starting in the summer of 2003 but also a comprehensive array of services, to be available worldwide, up to and including Lufthansa Technik`s Total Technical Support (TTS). This would enable the Envoy 7, which is based on a commercial airliner, to be serviced quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world.


Lufthansa Technik will also be fully capable of servicing of the General Electric CF34-8D-3 engine, which powers the Envoy 7 and 728 Jet. LHT`s subsidiary Lufthansa A.E.R.O. already services the smaller version of the CF34-family for Lufthansa CityLine. Starting in 2003, it will also be servicing for CityLine the C34-8C engines of the 728 Jet.