Lufthansa Technik Strengthens Business-Jet Servicing Capabilities

BizJet soon to service Boeing Business Jets among others
With its purchase of Tulsa-based BizJet International, well-known provider of MRO services for business aircraft, Lufthansa Technik (LHT) has strengthened its ability to offer full servicing of its XXL Class Executive Jet in North America as well as Europe. 
To enable BizJet to perform maintenance on the Boeing 737 Business Jet (BBJ) and Airbus A319 Corporate Jetliner (ACJ), an additional hangar is being built there that can accommodate two planes of that size. 

By the time the new hangar is completed in early 2001, the company will have increased its staff of 300 by 75 to 100 employees. First-class LHT servicing of those aircraft will then be available in North America too, even to customers who had their planes originally equipped by LHT competitors.

BizJet already offers a wide range of services for small and medium-size business aircraft such as the Falcon, Gulfstream, Learjet, Citation, Hawker and Sabreliner as well as for their General Electric, Pratt & Whitney and Honeywell engines. It also paints aircraft and services their avionics and cabin equipment. Directly and inexpensively reachable by air by two thirds of the more than 7,000 business jets currently operating in the U.S., its convenient central location in Oklahoma makes it an ideal place to obtain all needed MRO services.
Among LHT`s special strengths is its ability to offer its customers solutions precision-tailored to their specific needs, Total Technical Support (TTS) being a prime example. An attractive feature of the TTS service package, designed to meet the requirements of the VIP sector, is that it includes devising a MRO plan that is optimally suited to each customer`s operating conditions and technical capabilities.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul meet the highest quality standards, satisfying the most stringent demands of the aircraft`s operator with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Which is one of the reasons that LHT is the market leader in this sector, being already entrusted with the meticulous servicing not only of 20 business and VIP jets but of nine additional aircraft operated by various governments.

Lufthansa Technik offers the individual VIP customer an opportunity to select from the broad range of its services only those that he needs to meet his own particular needs. The customer decides which tasks to assign to LHT and where the work will be done, in Europe or in North America. If his aircraft`s operating conditions change, he can always add another module from the TTS service package or one to replace an existing module.


The services offered range from worldwide maintenance to engine servicing, maintenance management, components overhaul, a pool of available spare parts, all the way to general overhaul of the entire aircraft. For its TTS customers LHT is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Should a customer suffer an AOG (aircraft on ground) emergency, thanks to its ingenious logistics LHT can dispatch needed replacement parts within 24 hours. It can also dispatch special AOG teams to install those parts. Hence for its XXL Class Executive Jet, Lufthansa Technik offers the best from both worlds, the VIP world and the airline world.
Another reason for operators of business jets to opt for LHT`s TTS service package is the high resale prices obtainable for aircraft that have been maintained by Lufthansa Technik.