EMAS And Now ISO: Second Endorsement Of Lufthansa CityLine`s Eco Standards

First airline to be certificated to European and international environmental norm
Following the award of the EMAS certificate endorsing its conformity with European eco-audit requirements in January 2000, Lufthansa CityLine has today received the certificate acknowledging its adherence to the requirements of the ISO 14001 international environmental standard.
It thereby becomes the world«s first airline to be certificated to both of those norms. For the airline, ISO certification represents additional acknowledgement of its efforts to reduce environmental damage. 

“Certification is for us a permanent commitment to the environment, our staff and customers to continue pursuing environmental protection as a corporate goal,” said Charles Hofer, Lufthansa CityLine`s environmental commissioner, at the presentation of the certificate by the eco-auditors.

EMAS, the European Union`s environmental standard, spells out the requirements for environmental management systems and eco-audits as well as the content and assessment of environmental declarations, which they also involve. In contrast, the ISO 14001 norm from the International Standards Organisation lays down exclusively the requirements for environmental management systems. Certification to ISO 14001 guarantees that Lufthansa CityLine has a functioning environmental management system in place and that it will be consistently developed.

In the runup to EMAS certification, Lufthansa CityLine formulated an environmental management system in 1999. This defined detailed environmental goals and strategies for all the company`s activities - MRO, flight operations and administration. EMAS certification confirms that all the envisaged measures have been implemented. For subsequent ISO certification, those measures were again subjected to comprehensive inspection in a system of controls to assess whether they are effective: The outcome was entirely positive.

Lufthansa CityLine attaches overriding importance to making air traffic as environment-friendly as possible. To achieve that goal, the Cologne-based regional airline has positioned reduction of fuel consumption and pollutant emissions at the top of its list of priorities.


Lufthansa CityLine`s fleet currently comprises 38 Canadair Jets (33 Canadair Jets 100, five Canadair Jets 200) and 18 Avro RJ85s. The Canadair Jet (50 seats) and Avro RJ85 (80 seats) rank among the world`s most environmentally compatible and quietest jet aircraft. Both types dip well below the permissible limits set by international noise standards.