Star Alliance Joins SITA’s WorldTracer Baggage System

July 29, 2002 å- Star Allianceå?, the airline network for Earth, is to use SITAå‘s WorldTracer baggage information system to help its member airlines further improve customer service and staff efficiency by monitoring the performance of baggage handling. This marks the first alliance-wide agreement to use the service.

Star Alliance will use WordTracer’s baggage information repository and report systems to help reduce transfer errors for all connecting baggage. The data is extracted from the tracing and claims management systems of WorldTracer used by the individual Star Alliance airlines. By continuously searching, WorldTracer helps each Star Alliance carrier to deliver unclaimed, lost or found bags to passengers quickly and cost effectively as well as significantly streamlining the tracing process.

Michael Stagl, Vice President, Star Alliance, said: “Enabling Star Alliance airlines to quickly, efficiently and effectively analyse the running of our baggage systems is a vital aspect of the service we deliver to our passengers. With WorldTracer we can both improve customer services and keep costs to a minimum. Ensuring smooth service relies on applications being shared by our member carriers, which in turn depends on the global connectivity SITA provides to link all aspects of air transport together.”