SWISS Commit to Negotiate with CCP

The SWISS Board of Directors dealt with the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) for the CCP, the union of former Crossair pilots, when it met today.  The Board regards the behaviour of CCP David Bieli as offensive and irresponsible.  The Board is standing by the parameters communicated to the CCP (Swiss Pilots) by SWISS Executive Management at the end of last week, which offer additional concessions worth a further CHF 16 million.  In doing so, the Board makes particular reference to the 2,5 billion of taxpayers` money and contributions by private industry which has been invested in SWISS, and to the need for fairness towards all the other groups of employees within the company, who - unlike the CCP pilots - have had to make sometimes-substantial sacrifices in committing to the new airline.   

The Board will implement the changes in the collective labour agreement demanded for former Crossair pilots by the court of arbitration.  In this regard, SWISS CEO André Dosé (after consultation with Board Chairman Pieter Bouw) assured David Bieli, President of the CCP on Saturday that the vacation regulations for former Crossair pilots would be adjusted to those of the former Swissair pilots as soon as the new CLA entered into effect.  This complies with the corresponding ruling by the court of arbitration, and had been declared a precondition for further contractual negotiations by David Bieli on Friday evening.  The negotiations are due to continue on Tuesday afternoon.   

The CCP issued an effective ultimatum to SWISS Executive Management today by insisting that further preconditions would have to be met for the CCP to enter into these negotiations.  The SWISS Board took note of the CCP`s demands.  The Board is keeping to its stance, however, that all the CCP`s demands should be presented and discussed as part of these negotiations. 

The SWISS delegation will appear for the negotiations on Tuesday at the time and place agreed with the CCP.  The Board has approved these actions because it does not wish to see the former Crossair pilots of the CCP unduly disadvantaged by the irresponsible behaviour of its President. 

The SWISS Board was particularly dismayed to hear CCP President Bieli describe the SWISS Business Plan as “irrelevant” in his remarks today.  In doing so, he calls into question the entire future of the company and about 10’000 jobs and particularly endangers the regional operations of SWISS.


The SWISS delegation will present the CCP`s representatives with a number of options on Tuesday for complying with the rulings of the court of arbitration.  These will need to be achieved within the framework of the additional CHF 16 million which SWISS CEO André Dosé promised the CCP last weekend.  This amount will increase the personnel budget for the former Crossair pilots by a total of 16 per cent.
The SWISS Board of Directors regards any further increase in this additional amount as unacceptable, because it would jeopardise SWISS`s entire business future. In this respect, the Board makes particular reference to the approximately CHF 1 billion of taxpayers` money as well as further 1,5 billion from investors from Swiss private economy which has been invested in the new airline by the Swiss government and cantons. 

The Board also strongly feels that giving further preferential treatment to the former Crossair pilots would be an affront to the company`s other employees: almost all the other groups of employees at SWISS - particularly its cabin personnel and its former Swissair pilots - have had to accept sometimes-substantial reductions in their salaries and further benefits in joining the new airline. 

In view of this, the Board appeals to the former Crossair pilots within the CCP to accept SWISS`s offer of negotiations.