ANA Revolutionizes Domestic Fares for Second Half FY2002

All Nippon Airways (ANA) filed an application with the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport to introduce discounted fares aimed at stimulating demand for travel within Japan during the second half of fiscal 2002 (October 1 - March 31, 2003).
“Our marketing plans are another signal to the competition that we`re going to maintain a position of leadership in the domestic market,” said Yoji Ohashi, ANA`s president and CEO. “ANA will be working even harder to bring the ease and comfort of air travel to the public in greater numbers.”
The new fare structure was conceived in light of developments in the air transport market in Japan and a “re-think"of the company`s marketing program based on a variety customer needs. The following is a summary of just some of the specials planned for the period.
Chowari -
ANA`s popular 10,000yen per sector discount fare to anywhere ANA and ANK fly within Japan. Since its introduction in April 2000 over 4 million passengers have traveled using it.
All-Day Pass (New!) -
Fly anywhere that ANA or sister carrier ANK flies to in Japan, a maximum of nine sectors all day for only 10,000yen!
?Ticketing required within six days of reservation. No changes allowed.
Return Home (New!) -
Leave the metropolis of Tokyo for the comfort of your hometown for only 10,000yen.
?Ticketing required within six days of reservation. No changes allowed.
In total, the three fare plans will be in effect for a combined 101 days, 55% of the period.
Other fares planned for introduction include upgrades of the company`s Hayawari 21 and Tokuwari discount fares, one-way, repeat flyer, same day and birthday discount sales as well as a reduction of the airline insurance tax from 500yen to 400yen starting October 1.
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