Heathrow Key To UK`s Aviation Future

British Airways welcomes today’s Government announcement about the options for improving airport infrastructure across the UK.
Rod Eddington, British Airways’ Chief Executive, said: “Heathrow is a unique national asset and by including it in the options, the Government is recognising the key contribution that it makes to the British economy. The priority must be to build on that contribution.
“The UK needs a thriving major international airport that supports a network of inter-continental, European and domestic flights. This can be achieved more readily, and cost effectively, by providing an extra runway at Heathrow thereby enhancing all that has been achieved so far.

“The runway could be accommodated within the noise levels set down as a condition of the Terminal Five decision and without the need for us to operate any additional night flights.

“If Heathrow cannot grow, we will see its international route network reduced, UK regional services further squeezed out and business going to other European airports that have been able to expand and prosper.
“There are those who will oppose Heathrow development on environmental grounds and it is essential that their views are heard as part of this consultation process. But we must not lose sight of the severe economic consequences for Britain if we fail to develop Heathrow.
“Once all the economic and environmental arguments have been assessed, we believe the answer to the needs of UK plc will be an additional runway at Heathrow.”