August Load Factor Below Last Year`s High Level

Overall traffic:
Compared to August last year, traffic decreased by 1% while capacity increased by 3%. Consequently, overall load factor decreased by 3.0 percentage points from 79.8% in August 2000 to 76.8% in August this year. Load factor decreased in all areas except Europe.

Passenger traffic:

Passenger load factor decreased by 1 percentage point to 83.9% in August 2001. Traffic increased by 1%, while capacity increased by 2%. Load factor declined mainly in the route areas North Atlantic, and Central and South Atlantic. The load factor increased in all other route areas. In comparison to August 2000, KLM`s Business Class load factor declined in all areas except Africa and Asia Pacific. The decline in Business Class load factor in Europe was mainly caused by the growing number of corporate clients who have changed their policy with regard to short-haul business travel. The load factor of KLM`s Economy Class increased in all route areas except on the North, Central and South Atlantic.

Cargo traffic:

Cargo traffic decreased by 5%, whereas capacity increased by 4%. Overall cargo load factor decreased by 5.9 percentage points to 64.4%. Inbound traffic as well as outbound traffic were respectively 7% and 3% lower than last year. This is mainly due to continuing weak economic conditions in Asia. Overall cargo load factor decreased in all route areas.