Changes At Government And Industry Affairs

After 30 years of service, mainly in the field of civil aviation, Mrs. Jenneke J.T. Entzinger-Bennink, Vice President Government & Industry Affairs (AMS/DU and WAS/DU), has decided to substantially reduce her activities for KLM and to step back from her current function. As from September 1, 2001`, she has been appointed Senior Advisor to the President & CEO. She can be reached at code AMS/DS, phone no. 31-20 649 5137.

As from the same date Mr. Jan Ernst C. de Groot, Vice President Industrial Relations (AMS/GG), has been appointed Senior Vice President Government & Industry Affairs. He can be reached at code AMS/DU, HQ office no. 7250, phone no. 31-20 649 2306.

Also per September 1, 2001, Government & Industry Affairs has become responsible for KLM’s integral public affairs agenda, including environmental issues. As such, the Environmental Advisory Services department (SPL/EN), previously under KLM Arbo Services B.V., has been integrated into Government & Industry Affairs. The project organization Strategy Development Infrastructure Air (AMS/OA) will be aligned with Government & Industry Affairs as per October 1, 2001.