Security Surcharge On KLM Cargo Shipments Effective October 15, 2001

KLM Cargo has decided to impose a surcharge of 15 euro cents per kilogram on all shipments effective October 15, 2001, in the wake of the recent tragic events in the U.S.

This surcharge covers various cost increases, including higher insurance premiums for the airline, additional network-wide security measures, and decreased schedule and route efficiency resulting from tighter security measures.

These cost increases were initially absorbed by KLM Cargo and will now be covered by this surcharge, amounting to 15 euro cents per kilogram. It is KLM Cargo’s policy to base the magnitude of such surcharges on the weight of the shipment. The surcharge is based on actual weight.

As changing measures and costs are very difficult to predict, the surcharge will be reviewed periodically and may change subject to two week’s notice.

To ensure transparency for all market players, the surcharge will apply for all shipments and customers worldwide.