November Traffic Declines By 10 Percent

Overall traffic:
Compared to the 12% decline of overall traffic in October, November showed a slightly less decline of 10% versus last year.
As a result of the further cutback in capacity during this first full month of the winterschedule,  the load factor improved by 1.6 percentage points compared to October. All major route areas showed an improvement of load factor compared to October.

Passenger traffic:
In November, the planned cut of 15% in available seat kilometers was fully implemented. While the decrease in passenger traffic in November with 18% was equal to the decline in October, the decline of Business Class traffic was visibly less than experienced last month.
As in October, the largest decline in both traffic and capacity was on North Atlantic routes, where traffic and capacity dropped by 35% and 31% respectively. Traffic and capacity also declined in the route areas Asia Pacific and Middle East / South Asia. Due to the discount fare action in the Dutch market, the reduction on traffic on the route area Europe was less than experienced in October.

Compared to last year, the decline in the load factor of KLM`s Business Class and Tourist Class were virtually the same.

Cargo traffic:

Cargo traffic in November is at the same level as last year, whereas September and October traffic was respectively 8% and 4% below last year. This improvement over the last months was mainly due to a positive development of North Atlantic and Asia Pasific traffic.


As Cargo capacity in November was slightly below last year, loadfactor improved with 0.3 % percentage point.


During the past weeks KLM was able to continue its regular aircraft financing programme. Another two new Boeing -737 aircraft were financed at conditions that are not different from those prevailing before September 11.