Emirates? Third Boeing 777-300 Arrives

Emirates’ ongoing expansion programme received a boost on Wednesday (September 27) with the arrival of its third Boeing 777-300, the world’s longest aircraft and largest twin jet.

The aircraft arrived at 9.15pm after a non-stop flight lasting 14 hours, 40 minutes from Seattle, on the west coast of the USA.

Powered by Rolls Royce Trent 800 series engines, this latest acquisition is configured in three classes, with a total of 380 seats (18 in First Class, 42 in Business and 320 in Economy) and has a cargo capacity of up to 18 tonnes with a full passenger load.

The aircraft is scheduled to be deployed on routes of high demand and will operate its first commercial flight to Mumbai on September 29.

Tim Clark, Emirates’ Chief Director (Airline), stated: “The Boeing 777-300, with its high capacity and long range, plays a vital role in our strategy for future growth. “We are confident that this aircraft will continue to help us meet our ever-increasing seat demand, allowing our customers an even wider choice.”


Emirates currently operates two B777-300s and this third will be joined by a fourth in March 2001. Six additional B777-300s were recently ordered, for delivery in 2002 and 2003.
The latest B777-300 is on operating lease provided by International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), over a term of ten years.

Operated by two flight crews and one cabin crew, the maiden flight of the B777-300 had taken off from Boeing’s home base of Seattle on September 26, heading over Canada.

Leaving the North American continent, the aircraft entered European airspace as it overflew Greenland, then turned down over Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and the central European countries of the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania. Flying across Ukraine and on over Turkey, it entered Middle East airspace, finally touching down in Dubai.