Continental Airlines Employees Rally Against “So-Called” Passenger Bill of Rights

Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL and CAL.A) employees have been hitting the campaign trail in opposition to the “so-called” Passenger Bill of Rights proposals.

More than 10,000 employees have written letters to Congress voicing their concern over the proposals. In addition, more than 50 Continental employees from across the nation have met face to face with members of Congress in support of the airline`s position.

“We have turned our company around based on customer service,” wrote one employee in a letter to their representative. “Our policy is to take off on-time, to keep the passengers and their bags together and to provide the best service for the best value. It would be a shame to punish the hard workers at Continental and the public, who are actually the ones that receive the benefits, by passing the Passenger Bill of Rights proposals.”

If passed, Continental employees believe the proposals will have unintended consequences, including higher fares, lower level of customer service and increased cancellations.

“In the history of our company we haven`t seen our employees rally so hard for an issue like this,” said Chairman and CEO Gordon Bethune. “The employees recognize our ability to provide excellent customer service without the laws of the nation being punitively held to us.”