Continental Airlines Introduces Interactive Customer Loyalty Program

Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL and CAL.A) today introduced Interactive Miles of Thanks, a new software program that allows companies to offer Continental OnePass frequent flyer miles for customer and employee loyalty and incentive programs. The new Interactive Miles of Thanks program is an Enhanced PC-based version of the current certificate-based Miles of Thanks program.

Interactive Miles of Thanks software gives companies the ability to create their own loyalty programs, track the success of these programs, and generate reports and graphs of statistical information. Companies can use the program for promotions as simple as awarding miles per purchase amount, or as complex as implementing tailored promotions to targeted segments of a customer database.

“Customer loyalty, company profits and employee motivation go hand in hand,” said Scott Dunphy, Continental’s director of Partnership and Membership Marketing. “The Miles of Thanks loyalty program has been a success, and now companies have an enhanced software program for creating and managing data and promotions.”

For more information or to order Interactive Miles of Thanks software, call 1-888-6-THANKS or visit Continental’s Web site at