Continental Airlines And Pilots Union Set Process And Timeline For 2002 Pilot Negotiations

Continental Airlines has agreed with the Independent Association of Continental Pilots (IACP) on a process and a timeline to ensure that a new collective bargaining agreement is reached by the current contract`s amendable date of Oct. 1, 2002.

“It benefits both Continental and its pilots to have a clear understanding of the path our talks will take,” said a Continental spokesperson. “Our philosophy with all labor groups is to have continuity in our contracts with successor agreements negotiated and in-place by the amendable date, and to negotiate with each employee group in sequence based on their respective amendable dates. Continental and its professional pilots have a solid track record together that can continue throughout this process.”

The process with the pilots includes exchanging traditional reopeners on Oct. 1, 2001 for the next contract. Negotiations will begin in January 2002 with the expectation of reaching a final agreement by the existing contract`s Oct. 1, 2002 amendable date.

This timeline allows Continental to achieve its goal of devoting the necessary time in 2001 to negotiate a successor agreement for its technical operations personnel, whose agreement is next up for negotiation, based on its Jan. 1, 2002 amendable date, prior to the pilots.