Swiss Concludes A Further Phase In Its Capital Increase

Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. increased its share capital by CHF 5 508 050 to CHF 2 624 509 000 on July 16.  The increase raised the total number of SWISS registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 50.- from 52 380 019 to 52 490 180.  The 110 161 new shares will be tradeable on the SWX Swiss Exchange from Friday, July 19.
The substantial capital increase currently under way was resolved by the Annual General Meeting of Crossair shareholders on December 6, 2001 to enable the development of the new SWISS airline.  The company’s share capital has since been increased in a number of increments. 
The latest tranche reflects the acquisition of equity holdings in SWISS by cantons Aargau, Grisons, Ticino and Uri.  A total of CHF 6.2 million in new funds has accrued to the company through these transactions - CHF 5.5 million through the shares’ nominal value and CHF 0.7 million in share premiums.  A total of CHF 2.56 billion has now accrued to SWISS in the form of new shareholders’ equity since December 2001.