Cathay Pacific Calls For Further Investment In Tourism

Cathay Pacific Airways today called for the Hong Kong Government to utilise its increased Air Passenger Departure Tax revenue to make further investments in Hong Kong tourism. The airline was responding to the announcement today by Financial Secretary Donald Tsang that Air Passenger Departure Tax would be increased from HK$50 to HK$80 a person.

The airline suggested the extra revenue could be used to better promote Hong Kong as a tourist destination, and enhance Hong Kong`s tourist facilities. The Air Passenger Departure Tax is imposed directly by the Government and is not related to airline ticket prices.

Cathay Pacific`s Director and Chief Operating Officer Philip Chen said: “In the past the level of departure tax was above HK$80 so this is not a particularly high level compared to other Asian airports. We do hope however that after increasing this tax, the Government will assist the development of tourism and the tourism industry by enhancing local facilities and enhancing our tourist attractions.”

Mr Chen said: “Making this investment in tourism will enable Hong Kong to better compete with other tourist destinations in Asia, and help enhance Hong Kong`s position as Asia`s leading aviation centre.”