Cathay Pacific Response To AOA`s Step Up Action

* The company regrets that the union leadership continues with such misguided industrial action. We ask the union to call off all industrial action, which will not benefit anyone, but just create unnecessary anxiety to passengers and the public.

* The go-slow campaign has nothing to do with safety. It is simply an attempt to deflect bookings and damage revenue. The great majority of crew continue to operate in a professional manner—in fact more than 80% of all flights year to date have departed within 15 minutes of scheduled time of departure, and we continue to maintain a similar performance over the summer.

* In fact, MSS should stand for “More Senseless Scaremongering” or “Maximum Spin and Sensationalism.” This is NOT a safety campaign.

* Safety is always our priority. It will not be compromised under any circumstances. CX follows strictly CAD`s regulations on safety and our operation is built on a firm foundation of company authorised procedures. The AOA has no authority to issue any safety-related documents. The company has made it clear that pilots should ignore such advice, and such unauthorised documents and ideas have no place on the flight deck.

* On-time performance (OTP) is a legitimate objective of operating a safe and reliable airline. Any pilot who is persuaded to willfully neglect OTP is being persuaded to operate in an unprofessional manner and will be in breach of his employment contract.


* The AOA is clearly intimidating its own members, placing them in a difficult position of having to choose between their responsibilities as professional employees and as union members. Under Hong Kong employment law, individual pilots are responsible for their own actions.

* We continue to have faith in the professionalism of our pilots.