Austrian Airlines Group Sets New Transportation Record

With a total of 4.087 million passengers carried on scheduled and charter services, the Austrian Airlines Group has for the first time been able to transport over 4 million people in the first six months of a year, thereby achieving a record result.
For the first time, due to extensive product and marketing measures, the transportation figure for the six-month period was above the comparable period the previous year. While seat kilometres were reduced significantly by - 6.9 %, revenue passenger kilometres decreased by only 5.1 %. As a result, the passenger load factor has once again been increased, this time by 1.3 percentage points to a total figure of 70.7 %.
With over 874,000 passengers in June, the transportation result for the corresponding month the previous year was exceeded by 4.0 %. Thus the ascertainable growth trend since March 2002 improved. The load factor also increased, by 0.2 percentage points to 74.9 %.
Karl Knezourek, Investor Relations, Austrian Airlines
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