Georgeson Shareholder Communications Canada Congratulates Air Canada for Winning Investor Relations

Georgeson Shareholder Communications Canada congratulates Air Canada as the recipient of the Best Investor Relations during a Takeover Award at the Canada Awards 2000 Event presented by IR Magazine in association with The Globe and Mail.

Ms. Valerie Peck, Director of Investor Relations for Air Canada accepted the award at the gala event, February 24, at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

In the category, portfolio managers and analysts were asked to nominate companies who did the best investor relations job during a takeover, either friendly or hostile. During the nominating process, analysts and portfolio managers selected Air Canada for the following reasons. “I appreciated the way the CEO sold the concept to the Street and other interested shareholders.” “They were able to maximize value for shareholders.” “In a difficult time, they were able to explain why one offer was better than the other.”

“We are honoured to be recognized for having effectively communicated our strategy to increase shareholder value,” said Valerie Peck, Air Canada`s Director of Investor Relations. “This award reflects the hard work of many Air Canada people: from senior executives who made investor relations a top priority, to employees in the field who demonstrated and articulated their support for Air Canada so clearly. Our experience in successfully fending off a hostile takeover bid underscores the importance of effective and timely communications to all stakeholder groups.”

Georgeson Shareholder Communications Canada worked with Air Canada during its takeover defense; providing Proxy Solicitation, Information Agent and Strategic Consulting Services; which assisted Air Canada in successfully defending itself from the hostile bid.