Air Canada, Canadian Airlines and Regional Carriers Increase Accessibility to Lower Fares

Air Canada, Canadian Airlines and
their regional carriers are introducing two new fare policies that increase
accessibility to lower fares to and from small communities, as well as for
travel for reasons of bereavement. The newly-integrated carriers are
implementing these new policies to ensure fair and consistent pricing
throughout their networks in Canada.

To increase accessibility to discounted fares to and from small
communities across Canada, Air Canada, Canadian Airlines and their regional
carriers are creating a new 14-day advance purchase fare representing savings
on average of 38 per cent off of current lowest year-round published fares.
More than 700 markets, representing 30 per cent of the airlines` markets in
Canada, will have access to these new fares.

``Consumers in small communities will benefit from increased access to
lower fares,`` said Lise Fournel, Executive Vice President, Commercial.
``Travel agents will also benefit by being able to use published through
fares, thus simplifying the steps to better serve customers.``

Air Canada, Canadian Airlines and their regional carriers are also
responding to customer feedback by revising their bereavement travel policy to
ensure fairness and efficiency when customers are required to make last-minute
travel arrangements in the event of death or imminent death of immediate
family members. Effective today, bereavement travel will be calculated using a
75 per cent reduction off the full economy fare, instead of the current 50 per
cent. This brings bereavement fares in line with approximately the lowest year-
round published fares.

The airlines offer bereavement fares to eligible customers, subject to
presentation of supporting documentation, for travel to and from all Canadian,
U.S. and international destinations, with the exception of travel originating
in Japan.


Air Canada, Canadian Airlines and their regional carriers constantly
review feedback received from their customers and the travel agency community,
and revise their pricing policies to ensure they remain fair and competitive.