Air Canada Announces Service Improvements Achieved, Campaign ends - Customer Service Commitment Cont

Air Canada announced today that customer service
has significantly improved thus bringing the airline`s 180-day campaign to an
early close.

Robert Milton, Air Canada President and Chief Executive Officer
summarized the campaign in a final report released today. “As we navigated the
complex challenge of integrating two airlines during peak summer travel, our
customers clearly expected better service from us - and quickly,” he said. “We
listened, we took action and we have delivered.”

Wait times on Air Canada`s reservations telephone lines are now shorter
as agents from both airlines access an integrated computer reservations
system. Passengers are now checked in quickly by customer service agents from
either airline or by using self-service Express Check-In kiosks, available at
major airports Canada-wide. Baggage handling processes have also been
significantly streamlined.

Mr. Milton also emphasized the airline`s ongoing commitment to customer
service, particularly given industry realities. “Factors beyond our control
such as severe weather, air traffic control delays, airport construction and,
I might add, holiday travel congestion, will always present operational and
customer service challenges. During such circumstances we will make every
effort to provide the best possible customer service,” he said.

The report also highlights upcoming Aeroplan customer service initiatives
including more than doubling the number of Aeroplan agents by the end of
February and a new toll free telephone number and dedicated staff for
redemption travel booking within Canada.


“Air Canada customers deserve the very best service an airline can
provide. We will earn our customers` business, listen to their feedback and
always strive to be ahead of their expectations,” Mr. Milton concluded.

The final report is available on the Air Canada website at by selecting “Airline Integration” and then “Our 180-day