Air Canada Welcomes First Interim Report From Independent Transition Observer On Airline Restructuri

Air Canada today commented on the first interim
report from the Independent Transition Observer on Airline Restructuring, Ms.
Debra Ward.

“We welcome the Independent Transition Observer`s first interim report,”
said Steve Markey, Vice President, Government Relations and Regulatory
Affairs. “Overall, it presents a fair and balanced approach to addressing
stakeholders` concerns. The report recognizes the mammoth challenges
associated with one of Canada`s largest corporate mergers, while at the same
time putting into perspective industry-wide issues. Moreover, Air Canada`s
initiatives to address customer and community concerns have been recognized as
resulting in many improvements. We look forward to continuing to work with all
stakeholder groups as the industry continues to adjust to new market and
economic realities.”

The interim report is available online at:

The Independent Transition Observer can be reached at (613) 274-0691 or
[email protected]