Roots Canada Thrilled With Skyservice/Air Canada Agreement

Executives at Roots, the leading Canadian lifestyle brand reacted
  positively to today`s announcement of a partnership between Skyservice
  and Air Canada.

Skyservice announced today that it has formed a
strategic agreement with Canada`s premiere airline, Air Canada. The proposed
agreement would provide Air Canada with a 30% equity interest in SkyService
Aviation and Skyservice FBO and 50% of the voting common shares of Skyservice
Airlines. In addition, Air Canada will acquire a 35% non-voting equity
interest in Skyservice Airlines, which it intends to distribute to its
shareholders through a public distribution, market conditions permitting. The
agreement is subject to regulatory and other approvals.

Michael Budman co-founder of Roots heralded the deal:

” Roots is delighted with this deal between our partners at Skyservice
and Air Canada. Russ Payson and the Skyservice team are world class operators
and now with Air Canada the business opportunities are tremendous, we look
forward to working closely with our new partners”

  Marshall Myles CEO Roots:


“We are pleased that Air Canada will accommodate all passengers booked on
Roots Air. This arrangement between Skyservice and Air Canada is great for
Roots and the Canadian public.”

Don Green, Roots co-founder:

“This is a totally positive experience for our brand. Since the inception
of Roots Air, it has been part of our business model to align ourselves with a
high quality global aviation partner. We are responsible for the design of the
uniforms, the Roots Air lounge and the entire graphic identity of Roots Air.
We are proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to the future and
our further involvement with Skyservice and Air Canada.”