Air Canada Welcomes Transport Canada Airport Policy Initiatives

Air Canada said today that it commends federal
Transport Minister David Collenette on his announcement of an airport rent
review and the intention to develop a new Airports Act.

“We welcome the Minister`s initiatives, which will address our concerns
on key issues such as governance and rent policy,” said Peter Donolo, Senior
Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Government Relations. “A new Airport
Act, which will provide a framework to address issues such as airport roles,
responsibilities and accountability, will be instrumental in building an
enhanced working relationship between airport authorities and users such as
ourselves,” he stated. “In particular, we see a rent review as a positive
process to limit the growth of airport rents in the future, and commend the
Minister for recognizing that the current rent formula is not sustainable,” he

Since the privatization of Canadian airports, Air Canada has seen a
significant increase in airport landing fees, terminal fees and exclusive