Air Canada Reaches Integration Milestone with IAMAW Single Collective Agreement

Air Canada and the International Association of
Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), Transportation District 140, have
reached agreement on a single collective agreement. The agreement, which is
subject to the approval of the Canada Industrial Relations Board, determines
the work content of 15,000 Air Canada IAMAW employees who perform maintenance,
stores, aircraft cargo and baggage handling and certain direct customer
contact and clerical functions.
The agreement marks a major integration milestone, as Air Canada`s four
major union groups (CUPE, ACPA, CAW and IAMAW) have now agreed to common work
rules, which in turn result in increased efficiency and productivity. Separate
agreements on single labour contracts have now been reached with three (ACPA,
CAW and IAMAW) of Air Canada`s four major union groups.