Air Canada Undertakes Precautionary Inspections of Airbus 330-300 Rolls Royce Engines - Safety Recon

Air Canada will complete today precautionary
inspections of the 16 Rolls Royce Trent 700 series engines on its eight two-
engine Airbus 330-300 aircraft. Completed inspections have confirmed that the
engines are in normal, safe operating condition and meet the manufacturers`
most recent modification standards. In addition, Air Canada reviewed today its
engine records and confirmed that all of its Rolls Royce A330-300 engines were
delivered in the newest configuration.

As safety is Air Canada`s first priority, the airline commenced the
engine inspections on a proactive basis early this morning. The inspections
will be completed by early this evening on all aircraft in the Airbus 330-300

This afternoon Rolls Royce recommended that airlines worldwide operating
Airbus 330 aircraft with Rolls Royce Trent 700 series engines conduct the same
inspection Air Canada undertook proactively, which involves an inspection
confirming the integrity of the hydraulic and fuel systems.
Air Canada operates one of the youngest Airbus fleets in the world. The
airline took delivery of the first of its eight A 330-300 aircraft in 1999.
Air Canada operates the A 330-300 on short, medium and long range flights with
a total capacity of 292 passengers.