Air Canada to Reinforce Cockpit Doors; Seeks to Resume Service to Ronald Reagan National Airport

Enhanced security measures required for resumption of service to Washington D.C. airport

Air Canada today announced that it will proceed
with the installation of enhanced security devices to reinforce cockpit doors
pending approval from Transport Canada.
Air Canada is already fully compliant with Transport Canada`s recently
announced measures requiring that cockpit doors be locked for the full
duration of flights. The airline`s engineering teams are currently in the
process of completing the design of cockpit door modifications to reinforce
their structural design. The airline will begin retrofitting its entire fleet
with the devices beginning as soon as approval of the modification is
received. Air Canada expects to complete the retrofit process within 30 days
of receiving approval.
Today, Air Canada has requested permission from Minister of Transport
Collenette and U.S. Transportation Secretary Mineta to resume service to
Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA). This will require compliance with
certain conditions including reinforced cockpit doors, dedicated crews and the
presence of sky marshals on board flights. Air Canada is seeking clarification
from the U.S. and Canadian authorities as to how the airline can comply with
these conditions in order to resume service as soon as possible.

The U.S. government has already committed to funding U.S. carriers for
implementing onboard security enhancements including reinforcement of cockpit