Air Canada Provides Comment on Canada 3000 Attack on Tango

Air Canada provided the following comment on
Canada 3000`s request to the Competition Bureau to stop Air Canada`s offering
of competitive pricing through Tango by Air Canada:

“Canada 3000 suggests that Air Canada refrain from matching prices
through Tango. Nowhere in the world are we aware of a situation where a
competitor is prevented from matching another competitor`s initiated price,
especially where capacity has been reduced, as has been the case here,” said
Calin Rovinescu, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy.
“Canada 3000 makes the ludicrous suggestion that those consumers who
choose Air Canada`s record of safety, reliability and service should not be
able to enjoy comparable fares as those offered by Canada 3000.

“Furthermore, given the Government of Canada`s recent announcement of
significant financial assistance to Canada 3000, the risk of that airline`s
“imminent demise” no longer exists.

“Air Canada intends to continue providing consumers with new and
innovative products that respond to their constantly evolving needs and travel
preferences,” he concluded.