Business Traveller Magazine Confirms easyJet fares Are Cheapest

A fare comparison in the latest issue of leading business magazine, Business Traveller, confirms what easyJet has been saying all along - traditional airlines continue to rip off travellers. Despite the introduction of “new low fares” by the likes of BA, the article concludes that “conventional airline fares remain stubbornly high at busy times”.
Business Traveller compared the fares for a day trip to Amsterdam from London on Monday 1 July. The easyJet fare was by far the lowest at just £113. In comparison, Bmi charged £213, KLM £266, and BA a whopping £339!
A similar comparison on a day trip to Paris from London once again showed easyJet to be the cheapest option with a fare of £135, followed by Bmi at £203, and BA and Air France charging a staggering £289 and £299 respectively.
BA claims that 50,000 “new low fares” are being made available each month. But when you consider that easyJet sells one million low-fare seats every month, Business Traveller magazine`s findings aren`t surprising!