American Airlines Supports House Resolution To Renovate And Improve Chicago’s O’hare International A

Chicago - American Airlines today issued a statement for the record by Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Don Carty:

“The modernization of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, as spelled out in House Resolution (H R) 3479, is absolutely fundamental to improving the long-term health and efficiency of the aviation system in this country.

“O’Hare is this country’s busiest airport and provides service to 143 communities in 47 states - a service reach unrivaled by any other airport. Yet, O’Hare is consistently at—or near the top—of the list of delay-prone airports because of its highly inefficient intersecting runway layout. As the nation’s largest airline, we are keenly aware of the great number of air travelers that can be severely inconvenienced by the slightest hint of bad weather in Chicago.

“The investments in infrastructure that we make over the next few years remain absolutely critical to enhancing the long-term capacity and efficiency of the national aviation system. Passing H.R. 3479 is the single best action the Congress can take now so that the days of airline delays and corresponding customer dissatisfaction do not return.”