American Airlines And American Eagle Ready For 100 Percent Bag Screening

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines anticipates efficiently processing passengers through security and launching flights on time tomorrow when the U.S. airline industry as a whole moves to 100 percent bag screening. This past Tuesday, the carrier transitioned smoothly to 100 percent bag screening in its own extensive domestic system.

American has been testing its new procedures for the past several weeks at most of its airports. American’s December on-time dependability, reported to the Department of Transportation (DOT), was 81.8 percent and its completion factor, the number of flights flown expressed as a percentage of flights scheduled, was 99.7 for the month.

It is American and American Eagle’s goal to have all bags loaded and the passengers on board 10 minutes before departure.

To meet the requirements of the new Aviation Transportation and Security Act while continuing to run an efficient airline, American Airlines and American Eagle have increased the use of Explosive Detection Systems, Explosive Trace Devices, physical searches and positive passenger bag match.

Tens of thousands of airport employees were trained in the new procedures. Pilots, flight attendants, flight dispatchers and reservations agents were briefed on them. Changes were made to American’s computer check-in system to prevent situations in which bags are boarded but the owners of the bags are not. American tested the procedures at multiple airports to refine them and everything was coordinated with the DOT.


Passengers can help ensure a positive experience at the airport by arriving prepared for heightened security:

* Have a photo ID out and available at all times
* Have a printed itinerary available if traveling on an electronic ticket

* Ensure your luggage bears your name and contact information inside and out

* Pack sharp objects such as razors and sewing scissors in checked baggage rather than carry-ons

* Take laptops out of carry-on cases prior to putting them through security screening devices at checkpoints
* Be prepared for additional hand searches of carry-ons
* Be ready to remove footwear for additional screening

Because of security reasons, American will provide no additional details on how enhanced security measures are being implemented.