American Airlines Offers Express Security Lanes For Premium Customers At Key Airports

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines has opened express lanes for its premium customers at security checkpoints in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego and Reno/Tahoe to make it easier and faster for them to get to their gates. Express lanes at New York’s JFK and St. Louis will open the week of Jan. 20.

Additionally, American continues to expand its airport services to provide convenience and check-in options for customers.

“Because we know how important it is to our customers that they have a smooth experience at security checkpoints, we’re working overtime to find every opportunity to make the adjustments necessary to provide more express lanes for our premium customers, as well as streamline the process for all of our passengers.” said Dan Garton, American’s executive vice president for customer service.

American’s First Class and Business Class customers and its AAdvantage Executive Platinum®, AAdvantage Platinum®, AAdvantage Gold® and AAirpass members may use the security express lanes.

American’s largest hub, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, has multiple security entry points spread across three terminals and long lines have not been a problem there. However, the airline is continuing to look at opportunities there and at a number of other locations.


To help customers move more efficiently through the airport, American has deployed more than 175 OneStop Self-Service kiosks at 26 airports and will continue to expand to nearly two dozen additional airports in 2002. The easy-to-use kiosks provide customers with electronic tickets the ability to check in for a flight, select or change their seat, check baggage and obtain boarding passes.

American has also introduced Roving Agent, a hand-held device, allowing American agents to approach passengers traveling without checked baggage and complete their check-in transaction. Available in eight domestic airports, Roving Agent also provides dynamic flight information to assist employees in answering customers’ questions.

For convenience even before entering the airport, American offers more than 300 mobile curbside check-in units in over 80 cities for customers with paper or electronic tickets. Customers may use curbside service to check bags and receive a boarding pass and then go straight to the gate after going through security.

American continues to focus significant time and resources on improving our airport security, while enhancing the overall customer experience.