American Airlines Recalling Reservations Representatives As Call Volumes Increase

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines began Monday recalling nearly 800 reservations representatives as call volumes to its 10 domestic reservations centers continue to increase. The airline also noted that it is taking additional time to complete calls due to increased security processes and a change in the mix of leisure and business travelers.

“We need to spend a little more time with infrequent travelers to ensure they’re comfortable with their arrangements,” said Lauri Curtis, vice president - Reservations for American Airlines. “As we work to convert every call into a sale, we want these individuals to know their business is very important to us.”

Additionally, more customers have been calling American’s reservations centers in recent months than the airline originally anticipated. This is sparked in part by the very low fares now available, including American’s popular “Great American Get-Together” sale that runs through Dec. 28 with fares as low as $99 - $199 each way based on round-trip purchase.

Following its 20 percent schedule reduction after Sept. 11, American announced job reductions of up to 20,000 positions as business dropped sharply. While the airline was able to mitigate some of the layoffs through programs such as overage leaves and job shares, thousands of employees left the company.

“These recalls are a good initial sign,” Curtis said. “We’ll soon have all of American’s - which includes former TWA - reservations employees from our 10 offices here helping us move forward.”


No recalls of other workgroups are anticipated in the near term.

The following chart reflects the number of employees being recalled and their locations:

* Cary, N.C. 37
* Cincinnati 64
* Dallas 54
* Fort Worth, Texas 169
* Hartford, Conn. 21
* Las Vegas 101
* Norfolk, Va. 182
* St. Louis 50
* Tucson, Ariz. 121

merican’s Honolulu reservations office was not impacted by the layoffs.

American Airlines reservations centers are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling 1-800-433-7300.