American Airlines Completes A Major Phase Of Its TWA Integration; Continues The Legacy Of TWA

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines has passed another milestone in the integration of TWA, the largest integration in airline history. The company now is officially marketed as American through the Internet, travel agencies and in all advertising, essentially retiring the TWA brand name.

Since American purchased the assets of TWA in April, the company has been strategically combining processes and systems to accomplish as smooth a transition as possible. Now, at airports across the country, TWA signs have been replaced with American’s signage and all passenger records have been transferred to American’s reservations system. TWA flights are listed in reservations systems and in American’s website as “operated by TWA.”

As the transition from TWA to American continues, TWA’s heritage will not be forgotten. “I speak for all of American when I say we are honored that we can continue the legacy of TWA at American, ” said Don Carty, chairman and CEO of American Airlines. “By joining these two airlines that have a tradition of excellence in aviation, we are bringing our customers an expanded route network and superior services.”

“For 75 years, we have been two companies, each with its own proud, rich history in the airline industry. Today we move toward becoming one company with a solid future. The people of TWA proudly join the American team with the same pride and professionalism that made TWA great,” said Bill Compton, TWA’s president.

Many of the benefits from this combination are already available to customers. American now has a route network that is unmatched in the airline industry and which provides increased access to key airports in the U.S., South America, Asia, and Europe. With the addition of the St. Louis hub, American now offers more convenient service to midwestern cities and additional east-west connections. Trans World Express, TWA’s regional service, has been rebranded as “AmericanConnection,” and offers almost 300 daily flights in and out of the St. Louis hub.


All aircraft have been updated with American’s popular “More Room Throughout Coach” seating arrangement and customers will have even more opportunities to earn miles with AAdvantage®, the largest and most innovative travel awards program in the airline industry.