American Airlines Completes A300 Inspections

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines today announced that an inspection of its entire fleet of A300s found no problems with the tail section of the aircraft.

On Thursday, after the National Transportation Safety Board investigators last week narrowed their focus to that section of the plane, the company voluntarily began a precautionary inspection of all 34 of its A300 aircraft. The next day, the Federal Aviation Administration mandated the inspection for all U.S. A300 and A310 aircraft. (American does not operate the A310 model.)

American formed specialized teams that included mechanics, engineers, production supervisors and technical crew chiefs to perform a visual inspection of the tail section of the A300s. Since the inspections were initiated as a precaution, with no previous indication of a widespread problem with the tail section of the aircraft, the company’s examination focused on all attachments from the rudder to the stabilizer and from the stabilizer to the fuselage.