American Says Its Operating Performance Is Near Record-Setting Levels

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines today said its operating performance is recovering from the Sept. 11 events to near record-setting levels.

The airline’s month-to-date completion factor for October is 99.4 percent, representing the number of scheduled flights that actually operate. American’s A-14 arrival performance month-to-date - the number of flights that reach their destination within 15 minutes of scheduled arrival - stands at 86 percent.

“We are achieving near record performance in getting our planes into the air and to their destinations on-time,” said Gerard Arpey, executive vice president - Operations. “These statistics should give the traveling public a renewed sense of assurance that American is back and operating to the standards our customers have a right to expect.

“Our folks at American, American Eagle and TWA are dealing with a staggering number of new procedures every day. These statistics should give every employee a real sense of pride - and I thank each one of them for the kind of commitment to serving our customers that these numbers represent,” Arpey added.