American Airlines Supports President’s Safety Initiatives

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines fully supports the airline and airport security initiatives President Bush put forth today at a rally of airline employees in Chicago.

“We stand fully behind the president and applaud his leadership,” said Gerard Arpey, American’s executive vice president for operations. “We will move quickly to implement the procedures once they are in place.”

Arpey said American was very appreciative of the expeditious manner in which the federal government has responded these past two weeks to enhance security at airports and on airplanes, especially in the recruitment, training and deployment of federal air marshals and the use of National Guardsmen to help protect the airports.

“We feel all of these measures will make commercial air travel the safest it can be,” Arpey said.

For its part, American has been working hard to improve security throughout its system. For example, Arpey noted that American’s aircraft engineers are well down the road in designing a more secure cockpit door, one of the measures mentioned by the president in his Chicago remarks.