Victory Over Virgin In US Courts

British Airways welcomed today a US court`s decision to reject three claims of alleged anti-trust violations made against the airline by Virgin Atlantic Airways. This strikes out all litigation brought by Virgin Atlantic against British Airways in the US courts.

US District Court Judge Miriam Cedarbaum found that British Airways` incentive programmes for travel agents and major corporate customers were not anti-competitive.

Four years ago Judge Cedarbaum struck out the five other anti-trust claims brought by Virgin against British Airways. There are no outstanding cases in the US between the two airlines.

Bob Ayling, British Airways Chief Executive, said: “We have always said that our incentive programmes, which are used by all of our major competitors, are good for competition. It is gratifying to have that view confirmed by the US court.

“This legal action was a throwback to an era of confrontation and litigation between Virgin Atlantic and ourselves.


“We look forward to a continuation of spirited competition between the two carriers, one in which the flying public, and not the courts or regulators, determines the winners”