New `Easy-To-Read` Passes Help Keep Flights On Time

New easy-to-read boarding passes are being introduced by British Airways as part of its on-going drive to ensure flights leave on time.

The new boarding passes highlight the boarding time and gate and flight number in big, bold typeface, making it easier for passengers to read and helping them see where they have to be and by when to make sure they are able to be seated on their aircraft in good time for it to meet its departure slot. Check-in procedures are being changed too, giving more emphasis to the briefing staff give to passengers about the time they need to be at the departure gate.

The move is the latest introduced by the airline in its bid to become one of Europe`s most punctual airlines. Initiatives already introduced “behind the scenes” have resulted in significant progress, with British Airways achieving its best punctuality record for five years in the past 12 months.

Mike Street, British Airways` Director of Customer Service and Operations, said: “Getting flights arriving and departing on time is a vital part of customer service. In the past year we have looked at every single aspect of what goes into an aircraft departure and refined anything which we felt could improve our time-keeping. As a result, we already have, we believe, one of the best airline time-keeping records in Europe. However, we are not complacent. There is still much more room for improvement, and we will be working to do better still.”

The new-style boarding passes resulted from research which showed that the airline could be doing more to help customers help get their flights away on time, by making it more apparent to them where they need to be and when, reducing the occasions when aircraft are delayed waiting for passengers in duty-free shops or elsewhere, not sure of where they should be by when.