‘Missing Link’ In Heathrow’s Free Transport System

British Airways is sponsoring a new free bus service, starting on Sunday November 1, to plug the ‘missing link’ in Heathrow’s free bus network.

Linking Hatton Cross Underground station, Terminal 4 and the Cargo terminals with British Airways new Waterside business centre, the Compass Centre and the airport’s Central Terminal Area, bus route H30 - called ‘Airport Connect’ - will run every day of the week and offer free travel to everyone, not just airport workers.

It will fill the gap which presently exists on the southern and western sides of the airport between the Cargo terminals and Waterside.

New low-floor easy access single deck buses will be used initially. These will be changed to an improved version with air conditioning, powered wheelchair ramps and two doors as soon as they can be delivered in February 1999.

British Airways will provide 90 per cent of the cost of the new service and London Transport the remainder. The buses will be operated by Speedlink Airport Services.


Bob Preston, Manager Surface Access at British Airways, said: “This will be the only London Transport service which is entirely free to everyone over its entire route. Our staff need this service around the south and west sides of Heathrow if they are to move around the airport easily without using their cars. We felt that by sponsoring a public service, rather than running a private shuttle, everyone could benefit”.