Warm Welcome For Government`s ATC Plan

British Airways whole-heartedly welcomes the Government’s plan to secure much needed investment to ensure the future safety and efficiency of the UK air traffic control system.

British Airways Chief Executive Bob Ayling said: “This afternoon’s announcement by Chancellor Gordon Brown that UK air traffic control will be run as a
public-private partnership deserves the full support of the entire air transport industry.”

He added: “We are delighted by the announcement because we believe it is an excellent solution to the constraints of the Public Sector Borrowing Requirement, while ensuring that the system is properly funded in the interests of safety and efficiency. Ensuring that profit is re-invested to maintain and enhance the system must be the absolute priority.”

UK air traffic controllers and support staff are recognised throughout the international aviation community as being among the very best in the world. British Airways has no safety concerns about the current UK ATC system. However, without a radical re-think, as announced by Mr Brown, long-term safety concerns would doubtless have been raised. The new organisation will ensure on-going investment in safety and punctuality.

British Airways hopes that a wide range of financial institutions will invest in the new ATC organisation. British Airways will give the Government and the new organisation every possible encouragement and practical help.


Bob Ayling said: “The UK air traffic control system is a national asset whose safety, efficiency and reputation must be safeguarded at all costs if the UK is to retain its position as the gateway to the world.”