Today’s Flight From Jakarta Will Operate

British Airways is planning to operate its scheduled service from Jakarta today, with reports from the Indonesian capital indicating that the situation around the airport is calm.

The Boeing 747 is expected to arrive from London, via Kuala Lumpur, at 5.15 pm local time (11.15 am UK time), turning around and returning after around two hours, arriving at Heathrow Terminal 4 at 7.20 am on Thursday. Some 150 people are booked on the outbound flight from Jakarta.

Yesterday’s BA034 service from Jakarta is expected to land at Heathrow Terminal 4 at around 4.15 pm today. A total of 308 people boarded that service in Jakarta, bound for Kuala Lumpur or London, with a further 268 travelling on the earlier BA1034 special evacuation shuttle service to Kuala Lumpur.

Tonight’s BA033 from Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta will leave as scheduled at 7.15 pm. A decision will be taken as it arrives at Kuala Lumpur on whether it will continue to Jakarta.

The airline is monitoring its operations in, to and from Jakarta continuously, liaising closely with the Government, the British Embassy and its own team in Jakarta and other relevant authorities to ensure the flights can operate safely.


The British Airways team in Jakarta yesterday shut down their city centre offices, and are now basing themselves at the city’s airport.