Safety Issues: 747 Checks And New Identity

British Airways confirmed today that it is well advanced with checks to the fuel tanks of its Boeing 747s.

The airline has led the industry in this field, working with Boeing to help specify the check procedure.

The airline had been carrying out precautionary checks to wiring in this area of its 747s before the Federal Aviation Authority ordered all airlines to make inspections. In addition, British Airways has been rigorously undertaking the wiring checks proposed by the US Federal Aviation Administration over the past six months as part of the airline’s normal maintenance programme.

Mike Street, British Airways’ Director of Customer Service and Operations, said: “Safety is always our top priority and will never be compromised. That is why we have been carrying out these checks as a precaution even before the authorities required all airlines to do so.”

British Airways has also dismissed suggestions in the Daily Telegraph this morning that its new corporate livery represents a safety hazard.


Mike Street said: “The Daily Telegraph has the right not to like our new livery - but it has no right to publish spurious and alarmist scares which may frighten passengers.

“Pilots and air traffic controllers use call signs to identify aircraft not colour schemes for the simple reason that airlines do change their liveries and many airlines have aircraft with different designs.

“To suggest that our livery might somehow compromise safety is not just mischievous - it is plain wrong. Safety has always been our first priority - and always will be.”