Lufthansa: New Seat Selection Option

Lufthansa is upgrading its Quick Check-in terminals in order to provide better service and greater flexibility for customers. 
During the check-in procedure the user-friendly terminal interface now shows a seating plan of the aircraft in question å- as long as the customer does not have an advance seat reservation. Reserved seats on the flight are marked in red, vacant seats are shown in green. To select the seat of your choice, all you have to do is tap the touch screen. The seat reservation can be altered subsequently. To use the terminals, an ATB ticket (ticket with a magnetic strip) or an electronic ticket (etix) is required. 

Passengers who are travelling with luggage and have a connecting flight can also take advantage of the Quick Check-in service. Just like at a normal check-in counter, baggage is through-checked to the final destination. Passengers travelling on a re-bookable electronic ticket who have already checked in for a flight can, if they wish, place themselves on the waiting list for an earlier flight, without forfeiting their original reservation. Re-booking is also possible with a re-bookable ticket, even after the check-in procedure is completed, as long as no bags have been checked in.

The new software has undergone several months of thorough testing at Munich Airport. Over the next few weeks Lufthansa will upgrade its more than 300 Quick Check-in ter-minals at airports in Germany and abroad to the new software. About 4.7 million check-in procedures are carried out each year at Lufthansa terminals, and the trend is rising. Every month on average 40,000 suitcases are checked in at Quick-Check-in terminals with a baggage function.