E-ticket Becomes a Primary Practice on Domestics

Finnair will begin to use e-tickets permanently on domestic flights. Starting from 15th of July Finnair«s offices will principally sell e-tickets for domestic flights. During past two years Finnair«s passengers have been able to use e-tickets as an alternative to traditional paper tickets. Electronic tickets are now used by over 40 % of Finnair’s domestic passengers.

Finnair’s e-ticket is an electronic flight ticket, which makes the purchasing of flight tickets easier and offers smoother passing through at the airport. No traditional paper ticket is necessary as passenger information is transmitted electronically. E-tickets can be bought by telephone, the Internet or from the travel agencies. As E-tickets do not have to be collected,  they can not be stolen or misplaced. When travelling with an E-ticket, like always before taking a flight, passengers have to be able to verify their identity.

Passengers can still after 15th of July choose to buy a paper ticket for a domestic flight. However, fee of 10 euros+ VAT will be charged for the special service. Stand By-tickets for youth and tickets including international connections will remain as paper tickets.

Some international routes have also been opened for e-ticket use. These include Finnair`s Scandinavian and German routes as well as routes to Amsterdam, New York and Tallinn.